Vehicle Car Sticker

Personal Car
Are you bored to see the common colours cars on the road? Want to add some colourful, cool, cute, elegant, macho design to your beloved car and yet you don't want it to be permanent? We are using the long lasting and latest generation of the car sticker with UV lamination to protect from minor scratches and abrasions in order to extend the lifespan of the artwork.

It is a good idea for you to make your own unique car sticker to show off your own creative mind and the good thing is you can remove it anytime! You have cool idea please share with us, we can make it real for you.

Commercial Vehicle
Does your company have some commercial vehicles and almost run every day on the road? Do not miss the great chance to make some advertising on it, we are sure the cost is one of the lowest which compare to the above the line or below the line A&P fees that you have ever spent. Imagine you just pay a one time off advertising fees but you are capable to features your company image, product branding everyday direct to the crowd. It is definitely great in return on investment!

If you have more than 2 vehicles or batches of vehicles for same design we can provide onsite installation too!

Drift Car
Are you one of the drift car or modifier kaki? Time to change some new and cool stuff? Do you have idea in your mind or sample image that you saw it from internet that you think is suits for your car? Call us today we can make real 3D view for you. Lets crazy and fun together!

The way we can do

Cut Out Lettering

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Full Vehicle Wraps


Simple and Easy


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